Monday, 30 September 2013

3g vs 4g, Who wins the Battle?

Once upon a time mobile communication generations like 2.5G and 2.75G used to work on GPRS and EDGE technology. But, tremendous growths in mobile data usage and other applications like mobile TV, Multi-Media Online Gaming have motivated the upcoming verizon mobile phones to adopt 3G. After 3G, now the time has come for 4G.

When it comes to 3G Vs 4G networks, third generation network works on Universal Mobile Telecom Service and High-Speed Packet Access. These are commonly known as UMTS and HSPA technology. In this era, mobile users are demanding for high-speed internet services. That is the reason technologists are bringing 4G network to satisfy their users.

3G vs 4G
When you look at benefits of 4G, the main benefit is cost-efficiency. Yes, in 3G Vs 4G Technology, 4G wins the battle. The simple architecture involved in 4G helps in reducing its network cost. 4G Technology has flexible bandwidth and multi-frequency groups. This will help service provide to set any frequency, which is very usable. 4G network system is vey usable as compare to 3G because it can be customized to particular spectrum resources, which is practical and easier.

With the help of this network, information access has become much faster and easier than ever before. Now, 4th generation smartphones are the best way to experience high speed connectivity.

Recently, AT&T introduced the 4G LT-one of the latest in wireless network technology capable of delivering high speed Internet access to its customers. In addition, faster data transfer can be valuable for users who use smartphones for downloading streaming audio or viewing video clips. Just imagine sitting in the comfort of your home, or anywhere else for that matter, and downloading videos without any hassles. You can also enjoy a unique online gaming experience with smooth and uninterrupted game play by using the latest technology.

Moreover, there are many more benefits to be gained by using fourth generation networking for all users. This can help the users to boost quick connectivity and enable faster communications. Additionally, 4G network empower its users to accomplish most of their business tasks much quicker and more efficient manner that ever before.

If you compare iPhone 3G vs 4G, 4G enhances the user experience. In an iPhone, one can have access to higher bandwidth and can run mobile phone applications faster than ever before. You can get access to a wide range of features with forth generation network. This offers greater bandwidth. Data encryption and security features with strong user authentication are also possible using the newest 4G technology. 4th generation iPhone offers low latency, the response time is also greater using these advanced networks. Moreover, 4th generation network increases possibility of remote access. By looking at all these one can easily find out 4G clearly wins the battle with 3G.

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