Monday, 30 September 2013

Upcoming Phones-Hands On Futuristic Phones

In this digital era, upcoming phones play an important role for the mobile users. Users are always in need to grab the upcoming mobile phones.  As we all know different users have different needs, moreover, even mobile companies are trying to reach the needs of the mobile users. The mobile manufacture companies keep updating themselves and create the most innovative models to allure the users. Brands like, upcoming AT&T phones, upcoming LG phones, upcoming Sprint phones create the buzz in market and anxiety in mobile users.

Upcoming Phones
Upcoming Phones

As the brands announce about their upcoming mobile phones, users get curious to know more about the specification and features about the phones. As said “Customer is the King”, all the branded manufacturing mobile companies upcoming mobile phones are with advancement of technology in order to satisfy their kings and to compete in this highly advanced mobile arena. All popular brands like AT&T, LG, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Micromax, Apple etc are not lagging behind and coming up with new and innovative ideas to increase their sales.

All the upcoming mobile phones in 2013 are coming with hi-tech specification like high resolution cameras, 3D viewing experience, Social media integration, Wi-Fi connectivity via Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, touch screen display, games and list goes on, but most importantly advanced internet access. Additionally, another most important feature taken into consideration in developing latest phones is the software and hardware specification. Once the user get aware of the phone, which meets their requirements, they will curious to know when that mobile will launch in market, or order it in advance.

The latest Upcoming mobile phones in 2013 are Micromax Canvas Tab P650, MTS Duet 2,    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE, HP Mobile Slate 7 Extreme, CCIT R928, Asus PadFone Infinity 2, Asus PadFone Infinity 2, Asus PadFone Infinity 2, CCIT ONE, CCIT A920, CCIT B7, CCIT Z3, LG Vu 3, Sunpad 6511,CCIT S4,    Wynncom G45, CCIT S4 Mini, CCIT C5, CCIT S40, Sunpad A111, Sunpad 9421, Sunpad A121, Sunpad 6541, CCIT V1, CCIT S5, Sunpad 6431, and  Sunpad 6521 .

In last few years we saw the revolutionary changes in mobile industry. So many mobiles were released with astonishing features meeting the user needs. Likewise, in 2013 also so many mobile companies are in plan to release their plethora of elating gadgets in store to offer the mobile users. The top brands mobile manufacturing companies like Nokia, Samsung, Micromax, Sony Ericsson, Apply, and Blackberry are continuously introducing their upcoming mobile phones to survive in the unbeatable competition. Let’s wait and watch, who wins the battle in mobile industry!!!

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